Earth Observation and Geomatics Engineering


ISO Abbreviation: Earth Observ. Geomat. Eng. 

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Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1, June 2020, Pages 1-97 

2. Effective approach for area-based spaceborne SAR images registration using GLCM textural Features

Pages 13-25

Mohammad Amin Ghannadi; Mohammad SaadatSeresht; Saeedeh Alebooye; Moein Izadi

4. Flood inundation modeling in ungauged basins using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles imagery

Pages 44-55

Adel Yavari; Saeid Homayouni; Khalid oubennaceur; karem chokmani

5. Inferring geometric similarities of trajectories by an abstract trajectory descriptor

Pages 56-65

Amin Hosseinpoor; Rahim Ali Abbaspour; Christophe Claramunt; Alireza Chehreghan

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